Top 10 Restaurants in Reykjavík

selected by Ýmir B Art, your own private gourmet food guide

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The Pizza Place with “No Name”

Weird but SOOO GOOD pizzas !

Sample of the menu : “Base, Cream Cheese, Boiled Potatoes, Cheese, Rocket Salad and Truffle Mayo” … “Base, Cream Cheese, Coppa, Gorgonzola, Jalapeno and Roasted Cashew Nuts”

NOTE : Above the No Name Pizza you have Mikkeller and Friends Reykjavik = The BIGGEST selection of locally brewed beers from the all over the world … A true “Beer Nerd Heaven” !

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Sushi Social

Just a HAPPY place – specially if you LOVE suchi and white wine !

I totally recommend the “Icelandic Feast” for those who are adventurous !  The service here is great and so is the food and you are entering a very lively athmosphere (Thu + Fri + Sat) filled with local couples and groups of friends getting ready for a night out in town !

Note : As weird and wicked as it sounds – this place truly got world recognition as this is the restaurant where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had their LAST dinner 😛

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Kex Hostel

Possibly the BEST BURGER in Reykjavik City ! … and they brew their own beers 🙂

Funky – Groovy – Trendy – Chilled local hangout !  This place is a little hard to find as there is only a little sign that says “KEX” on the door and you walk to the 2nd floor and then you enter the great cafe / bar / restaurant area …  Sort of like the Iceland verision of “speak easy” 🙂

NOTE : They host beer & music festivals so check their agenda as it is usually super FUN !

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The LOCAL hangout “the day after” … and even the day before also 😛

Here they serve “open sandwiches” in a Danish style BUT of course with local ingredience which does the magic you see…  The important thing to drink with your open sandwich is Turoborg Classic together with a shot of Jubileeum (schnaps) !  They also have specialties on their “todays menu” where you can have roasted pork and locallly catched fish etc…

NOTE : Here you come for a loooong lunch and sometimes they have live jazz music too !

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Food Cellar

FOOD & FUN & Coctails and live piano !

The “Food Cellars Secret Menu” is what EVERYONE should go for here ?

Food & service AND coctails is what makes this restaurant unique… The athmosphere is truly fun as they have local piano legends playing live music during the dinner AND in the potential after dinner coctails. What more does one need ?

NOTE: The coctail bar is open after hours every weekend.
NOTE: This is also a great lunch option and popular with the locals as such Romantic Restaurant Old Harbour Reykjavik Iceland.

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Kopar Restaurant in Reykjavik has the best Crab Soup in Iceland! By FAR BEST food in the Cozy Old Harbour !

Their tasting menu is totally delicious. The signature dish is the Crab Soup – DO NOT MISS that Crab Soup ! The Tuna & the Duck Roll are mouthwatering and a part of the tasting menu which is outstanding

Service was exceptional and even though the young crowd of waiters might not be the most experienced and professional one they totally made up for that lack with smiles and great attitude

Beware: Their bread & butter is dangerously good ! – Don´t fill up your stomach with that gourmet treat only ?

Hint: You should try to get a table with view… as that is AMAZING ?

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Tapas Bar

Fun Atmosphere and great food !

Tapas Bar is the place you go when you want to have a fun evening and enjoy Latin music in the background. In the weekends the restaurant is very crowded and becomes loud where there is “fiesta” in the air (open until 01:00). I recommend that you mix as many things as possible (meaning the food) if you are dining with more people. The “Journey into the unknown” is always fun to do. If I were to recommend some tapas from the menu it would be: “fillet of lamb in liquorice-sauce”, “smoked puffin with blueberry-brennivín sauce”, Minke-Whale with cranberry-sauce”… Do not leave this restaurant without trying also at least one course from the Tapas spears: “Bacon wrapped scallops and dates on salad with sweet chilli sauce”… I usually order more of those – SALUD​!

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Fish Company​

Gourmet Adventure​ !

Beautiful feel, design, food and presentation. Without a doubt a place worth visiting for a funky fusion experiment

My favorite is “Around Iceland”. Did that with the wine pairing menu – My favourite plate on that fantastic paired menu is: “Slowly cooked, salted fillet of COD with lovage & seaweed, pickled sellery & SMOKED APPLES, dill oil, warm EGG FOAM & smoked cod roe MAYONNAISE” – Do I need to say more ? ?

This is the ONLY restaurant that has ALWAYS had fantastic service AND food and they have almost zero turnover in staff which says it all!

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Dill Restaurant


The restaurant only allows less than 30 lucky customers to dine at a time (very small and cosy). Dill WAS first located in the Nordic House but is now in Hverfisgata 12 which is right down town Reykjavik

The place was successfully opened in February 2009. “Chef Gunnar” (who has just been awarded Michelin star for his newly opened NYC restaurant, Agern !) changes the menu depending on seasons, raw material and his exotic imagination so you are in for a unique gourmet adventure

I can only recommend that you go for 5 or 7 course menu as this is truly a once in a lifetime experience !

Magical Iceland's Ýmir with BBC 2's Rick Stein

We are very proud to have had BBC2’s Chef Rick Stein as our guest on the Magical Iceland Private Gourmet Food Tour.

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