Why trust My Reykjavík’s selection of the Best Restaurants in Reykjavik?

  1. I (Ýmir, see below) select restaurants based on my brutally honest opinion as a local FOODIE and Private Gourmet Guide – No restaurant can / will ever “buy” my opinion.
  2. I am “up to date” on a daily basis on what is going on in the restaurant scene in Reykjavik as I get constant feedback from travelers, friends and family and my personal network and knowledge is strong.
  3. My Top 10 list includes all different types of restaurants, ranging from THE Michelin star restaurant in Reykjavik to street food gems & local favorites in Reykjavik.

Who is Ýmir Björgvin Arthúrsson?

Ýmir (left) with BBC2’s Rick Stein.

I am a Private Gourmet Guide and a FOODIE. Me and my wife (Hebba) run our Private Gourmet Tours and we are humble and happy to say that our success story is unique! Our tours are listed under magicaliceland.is.

Don´t take my word for it – See what other FOODIE travellers say about me and Hebba! We are PROUD to share the reviews by our guests on Tripadvisor.

Our list of Top 10 Restaurants in Reykjavik was created in 2010 when me and Hebba opened a pop up booking office for tours and restaurants in Reykjavik. It is our passion for food & drinks & gourmet restaurants that has kept us busy updating our list of restaurants. It is also our duty to stay on top of things in this business being Private Gourmet Guides. Last but not least – We LOVE what we do ! ?