Golden Circle – Local Style

Do the highlights BUT we help you avoid the rush hours AND we share the numerous “off the beaten track” places & things in the surroundings.

What to do / see : Geysir, Gullfoss (“Golden Waterfall”), Þingvellir (UNESCO World Heritage), Crater, Chocolate Maker, “Happy Place” with local design, River Boat Jet Ride, Zoo, Horse farms, country Spa, local country swimming pools, snorkeling, greenhouses… Do it like a local !

Total Driving Distance from and to Reykjavik : 250 km / 150 miles (+/-)
Number of Days recommended : 1 day

I​​​​​​​​​​ SHARE my​​​​​​​​​​ SECRETS! I share my secrets in good faith and I do trust in you to treat our treasures with respect and leave no footprints !

Tip : Leave Reykjavik before 08am to avoid the rush hours and the buses OR just do it in the evening (in the summer we have daylight 24/7)​

  • Geysir – Enjoy Strokkur that goes up every 6 minutes or so – TIP : Stay on the DRY SPOTS and don´t cross the ropes
  • Þingvellir National Park​ – The two titanic plates are visible, Europe on the East side and USA on the West side ! TIP : You can go snorkeling in Silfra (book in advance) it´s COLD but beautiful and fun !
  • ​Gullfoss (Golden Falls) Waterfall – TIP : Do go down to the waterfall to sense the power and have the drops covering your face and body while walking down… Please do be CAREFUL when you go down – specially if you are there in winter and there is ice on the path !​
  • ​Laugarvatn village – Here you can relax in the Fontana Spa natural steam bath.
  • Reykholt – Mike is a nice little cafe where the owners are chocolate makers = Do go there for home made chocolate ! – TIP : You should check out “Friðheimar” which is a greenhouse where they serve THE BEST Tomato Soup and THE BEST Bloody Mary in Niceland !
  • Efsti Dalur Farm – IF you happen to like Ice Cream and / or Hamburgers and / or Carpaccio then this place is your TOP #1 PRIORITY !!! – On the name of Þór the God of Thunders : They make THE BEST home made Ice Cream in the world and their hamburgers (local meet and products) will give you that glympse into heaven you always craved for ! – I never ever drive past this place without going for a gourmet treat… Not to mention, the place is beautiful, so is the farm and so is the family running the farm and making the food !
  • Kerið – A nice crater right next to the road​​​
  • ​Laugarás – There is a very nice “patting zoo” here – Totally fun for the whole family if you have children !
  • SólheimarThis is a hidden GEM ! – The “oldest ECO village in the world”. Everyone living there is a little different (but happy :)) and they are “self sustainable”. It is inspiring and rewarding to check out the grocery store and buy home grown and home made groceries from them. Do find out also what shows & art exhibitions they have going on at the time… The place is like a little smurf village <3

TIP : Do go swimming in any of the little local swimming pools you see on the way​
TIP : If you do loose directions just knock at the door of the next farm and ask for directions – Can be great fun :)​
TIP : Be CAREFUL not to hit a sheep while driving – They are all over – When you have a sheep on one side of the road and some lamb on the other = SLOW DOWN as one or the other is guaranteed to cross the road before you pass by…​
TIP : There is a tiny little gas station and a shop at Borg (in Grimsnes) that has home made “Hjónabandssæla” (popular and traditional cake with rhubarb jam in it) for sale – Some say this is the best “Hjónabandssæla” in Iceland ! ​
TIP : If you want some “wet action” then the River Boat Jet Ride is a lot of fun ! ​
TIP : Diving and / or snorkeling is HIGHLY recommended when doing the Golden Circle !