Magical Snæfellsnes Peninsula

​​Serenity. Hidden, hot, natural pool with healing powers near to the middle of nowhere. Drinking sparkling, natural, „happy water“ from the ground.

What to do / see : Hot natural pool, glacier with magical powers, volcanoes & craters, white sandy beaches with seals, horseback riding, whale watching, sailing, country luxury hotel, fishing, camping, hiking, caving and a lot lot more…

Total Driving Distance from and to Reykjavik : 400 km / 250 miles (+/-)
Number of Days recommended : 1 or 2 days

I​​​​​​​​​​ SHARE my​​​​​​​​​​ SECRETS !
I share my secrets in good faith and I do trust in you to treat our treasures with respect and leave no footprints !

​​Tip : Bring bathing suits and if you fancy riding them Icelandic horses this is your platform to maximize that whole experience​

Borgarnes – First stop. Use the bathrooms, get some fuel, snacks and drinks and take your turn to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula TIP : The swimming pool they have is fantastic and the Settlement Museum if fun to visit.

Now turn where the sign says “Stykkishólmur” just when you are leaving Borgarnes (note : do not go to “Akureyri”) – Here are the attractions and interesting spots on the SOUTH PART OF THE PENINSULA (in the right order from East to West) :

  • Eldborg​ – A beautiful crater. You can hike to the top of the crater (about 1 hour up and 1 hour down = total of 2 hours of happiness… if you survive ;))
  • Gerðuberg (basalt columns) – you can see them from the road and drive close up if you want
  • Vegamót – A local road stop that offers home made bread and delicious smoked lamb / trout salad… They also happen to make crazy good homemade cakes and deserts… and burgers !
  • LýsuhóllA swimming pool with geothermal “thick” water – Classic and cool! — TIP : You can go horseback riding on beautiful horses where you ride on a white sandy beach with the farmers !
  • Ölkelda – Name of a farm. Go there and drink the “magical water” which has healing powers and is very rich of all sorts of minerals… For hundreds of years Vikings have been healed with this water – tastes funny but the powers do the deed 😉 – TIP : You should bring empty plastic bottles and fill them up !
  • Ytri-Tunga – Name of a farm. Turn here and continue until the road stops at a white sandy beach. Beautiful bird life and white sandy beach walk where you can spot some seals
  • Hotel BudirOne of the most romantic and beautiful hotel in Niceland if not THE most beautiful gourmet country hotel we have ! Go here for a drink / lunch / dinner… Do NOT forget to check out the super interesting workshop where “the witch and the designer” do some magic – This is truly a gem !
  • Rauðafeldsgjá – Crazy gorge and easy to access
  • Arnarstapi – Walk down to the cliffs at the ocean side (where the huge statue of Bárður is) and enjoy the stunning sculptures nature forms. The harbor here is probably the cutest one in Iceland – Classic postcard view there 🙂
  • Hellnar – Little cute village with a great little cafe at the ocean side. Might be the smallest cafe in the country and they do phenomenal waffles with home made jam and cream… Slurrp…
  • Djúpalón – A MUST do – Walk on the pebble-stone beach and enjoy the positive energy from the Glacier and the dramatic nature. You may have one or few pebble-stones for yourself to take home as they give you positive powers 🙂
  • Berg farm – POSSIBLY the most beautiful farm land in Iceland – You can and SHOULD go horseback riding here ! TIP : North side – You must contact the farmers (Jon & Anna) and ask if they have time to take you riding on their land – Phone number : (+354) 891 6875 or cross fingers, feel lucky and drive by and find the farmers 😉 – It´s worth taking the chance if you can´t call them !
  • Grundarfjörður – Cute fishing village… If you are lucky you´ll come by when they have some of their village festivals their famous for TIP : North side – You can go whale watching and in winter time you have a GOOD chance of seeing wild killer whales !
  • BjarnarhöfnSHARK FARM – You can visit the shark museum and have a “tasty” bite of the fermented and rotten shark — TIP : North side – PLEASE have a schnapps of the Brennivin aka Black Death with the shark !
  • Berserkjahraun – Sharp edged and wild lava field TIP : North side ​​​
  • Stykkishólmur – Beautiful town with fantastic Restaurants, Accommodation, Activity Tours, Culture and Bird life — TIP : North side – We recommend the “Taste of Iceland tour” for sure (it rhymes)​TIP : If you do loose directions just knock at the door of the next farm and ask for directions – Can be great fun :)​
    TIP : Be CAREFUL not to hit a sheep while driving – They are all over – When you have a sheep on one side of the road and some lamb on the other = SLOW DOWN as one or the other is guaranteed to cross the road before you pass by…​