Fun Atmosphere and great food !

Tapas Bar is the place you go when you want to have a fun evening and enjoy Latin music in the background. In the weekends the restaurant is very crowded and becomes loud where there is “fiesta” in the air (open until 01:00). I recommend that you mix as many things as possible (meaning the food) if you are dining with more people. The “Journey into the unknown” is always fun to do. If I were to recommend some tapas from the menu it would be: “fillet of lamb in liquorice-sauce”, “smoked puffin with blueberry-brennivín sauce”, Minke-Whale with cranberry-sauce”… Do not leave this restaurant without trying also at least one course from the Tapas spears: “Bacon wrapped scallops and dates on salad with sweet chilli sauce”… I usually order more of those – SALUD​