Not directly, meaning that we do not lose people in a lava stream (unless someone might think that swimming in such a stream is a good idea – we don´t count such Einsteins). However, Eyjafjallajökull volcano did show the world a little glimpse of the powers of our volcanoes. Air traffic can suffer from ash clouds, which can result in supplies not going to places etc… We had a major eruption in 1783 (Laki eruption) which caused crops to fail all over Europe. The coming 2 years after the eruption are referred to as the “dark years of Europe” and the result was hunger, starvation and eventually the French Revolution. So, yes, volcanic eruptions do / can have an enormous impact on our lives but we do not have to fear them directly. By the way, Icelanders get excited when a volcano erupts, so you should consider it a once in a lifetime experience if you are fortunate enough to witness such a nature wonder!