How safe is it in Iceland?

Very safe (IF you don´t fit the category that wants to go "bathing" in Geyser or swimming in Glacial Rivers, etc… ;)). Very often we have people that are not dressed / equipped / trained according to circumstances. We do not have warning signs and restricted areas in Iceland and it is therefore important to [...]

Where and when can I see the Aurora Borealis?

The Aurora Borealis is visible from all of Iceland IN THE WINTER TIME only. In the summer we have daylight 24 / 7 for about 6 weeks and you can not see the Aurora in daylight - you need darkness for them to shine and dance. Coming here in the winter does not guarantee anything [...]

How often does Iceland have a volcanic eruption?

The most active volcano in "recent years" is Hekla. Hekla is thought to have had at least 20 eruptions since the settlement of Iceland (just before and around the year 900 AD). Hekla erupted 4 times in the 20th century. Last time Hekla erupted was the year 2000. We have now had 3 eruptions in [...]

Can volcanic eruptions be dangerous?

Not directly, meaning that we do not lose people in a lava stream (unless someone might think that swimming in such a stream is a good idea - we don´t count such Einsteins). However, Eyjafjallajökull volcano did show the world a little glimpse of the powers of our volcanoes. Air traffic can suffer from ash [...]

Why does the hot water smell of sulfur?

Because it has sulfur in it! You will stop smelling the sulfur after several days in Niceland. Our hot water comes from the bubbling ground (you will find all about this when / if you do your Golden Circle Tour and pass Hellisheiðarvirkjun - a geothermal plant just outside Reykjavik) as we are fortunate enough [...]

Do bars have happy hours in Iceland?

Some do (actually many do during the winter at least) and when they do, they usually have happy hours during week days and from 17 - 19. is a website that aggregates happy hours in Reykjavík (it's only available in Icelandic, but you can see the names and hours pretty easily).

When do Restaurants / Bars close at night?

Most Restaurants do close the kitchen around 22.00. The Restaurants are open until around 01.00. Bars close at different hours. You can stay out drinking and dancing until around 05 in the morning in some of the bars downtown. After midnight the party goes really really wild… Us Vikings drink A LOT on Friday and [...]

Where is the world famous hot dog stand “Bæjarins Beztu”?

It is located in the center of Reykjavik. It is in between the "old harbor" (where all the whale watching boats and the whale hunting boats are… yepps you heard it right!) and Harpa (the Opera House). You will find it as there will be some people queuing there outside this little shed (regardless of [...]

​Can I drink the water from the tap in Iceland?

Not only can you do so but YOU SHOULD drink the water from the tap! - Our tap water is the water that we do bottle and export. It is rated and considered to be the purest water that you can have. We do not add anything to our water. Our water supply source is [...]